Track1 consists of several parts.


Spur1-Music is an online radio and a never resting event machine with many aspects of electronic music.


Spur1-Records is a boutique music label for all kinds of electronic music or music with electronic touch.

Spur1-Records is a music label, we take care of marketing, distribution, cover art, music videos, events and bookings.


You can listen to or download the songs of our artists on almost all streaming platforms. We offer for example Beatport, Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, but also services like Shazam, Instagram or YouTube Music.


You can also listen to all songs for free on our website and download them in common audio formats.

Track1 does not explicitly focus on a specific genre (or genres) of music. Instead, we see ourselves as a boutique label that has as its only condition to release music with an electronic touch.

Spur1 does not want to deprive you of music. That’s why you can listen to all songs for free on our website and also download them for free. We also offer popular DJ formats for download.


Our principle, listen for free, download the songs and tell your friends.

We provide free download of songs in different formats.


– MP3 format – lossy format that can be played on all popular smartphones, players or even computers.


– FLAC format – lossless upgrade to MP3. Our personal favorite. Qualitatively there is no difference to the wav file, nevertheless a flac is lossless compressed and smaller.


– WAV (16bit) – lossless raw format. – Our recommendation for DJs and lovers of high sound quality. These files are particularly large, but offer almost studio quality.